Starting a Novel

I’ve had this idea bouncing around in my noggin for a long time now – years in fact. Over that time I’ve let it grow a bit, change a bit and see what it needs to be and now it finally feels time to start working on it. I’ve always wanted to write a novel so this is really exciting for me.

I’m sort of aware how huge of a undertaking that is – I’ve written feature length screenplays before so that helps. But, I’ll admit, it’s been such a long time that I feel like I’m dusting off the old cobwebs so to speak.

The idea is a crime novel with just a twist of fantasy. Some of my favourite books are The Peter Grant Decective Series by Ben Aaronovich (Rivers of London etc) which are just fabulous and employ a brilliant mix of crime, magic and fantasy that I love.

I also have been reading the Crow Investigation’s series about Lydia Crow, a PI with an interesting family history and even more fascinating back story into London itself (I have been really enjoying these and they are available to read for free if you have kindle unlimited)

I would say that my idea kind of sits closer to a crime fiction/psychological thriller book end of the genre than the fantasy, but the fantasy is still definitely highly important to the novel.

I am in that planning stage that can feel like it takes forever before you get to sit down and write, but I feel like right now this is the exciting part because I’m getting to shape my characters and my story, figuring out what works and what doesn’t work.

Not to mention the research I’m doing! I am loving researching, reading true crime books, books on human behaviour and things. It’s set to be quite the book…. if only I can pull it off!

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